We provide the following services:

Body massage

Body massage will give you a lot of unexplored sensations. Its lightness and sensuality will make you relax. Massage truly relaxes your muscles, and ultimately exacerbates feelings contrary .  Body massage can disclose the maximum potential of your body. You forget about the hustle of the world and everyday worries , body massage will fill you with life-giving energy , giving a calm, unhurried relaxation. Gentle slow movements only occasionally will go into fast and teasing : incredibly sensual body massage is sure to captivate you with its magic. 

Men Style Royal Massage

Men Style Royal Massage ( 4 hands massage for men) - Massage in 4 hands, also called royal, tandem massage. Innovative and unusual, this creative massage gives an extraordinary sense of harmony and absolute relaxation. 

Steam synchronous operation of two beautiful masseuses not only strengthen the energy of human hands, but also create the illusion that the hands do not belong to four different people, but one master, the power you get to the massage. Soft music and candlelight will plunge you into the world of relaxation.

Classic massage

Classic massage - the main type of massage that promotes the prevention and treatment of various ailments, both physical and mental, to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and the normalization of the internal organs. During one session as it is used all over the body, as well as locally. In the latter case - is the back, neck and head. 

Classic massage can also be called a base. It is on this basis there was a lot of varieties of aromatherapy massage to anti-cellulite.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional Thai massage - an ancient system of complex effects on the human body, harmonious, simple, like all brilliant, and at the same time very effective. 

Massage involves impact on the energy system of the body by passing pressure in energy channels (September - in Thai) and biologically active points, which contributes to the harmonization and alignment of life energy that flows in the body.

Stone therapy

Stone therapy - one of the methods lithotherapy based on the combination of acupuncture with temperature and energy impact of stones on sensitive areas and acupressure points on the human body.

Treatment of stones :

• impacts on biologically active points ,

• relieves muscle pain,

• increases the tone of the body ,

• Increases in body heat ,

• promotes the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, cleanses pores , removes toxins ,

• removes toxins and excess fluid ,

• It increases the intensity of the muscle tissue ,

• improves blood circulation ,

• very effective for stress, depression, total body relaxation ,

• excellent for treating diseases caused by hypothermia becomes .

Oil massage

Oil massage special technique when the therapeutic effect of deep centers and disclosure of lifetone is performed by the method of feedback. Everybody knows that pleasure causes an elevation of mood, optimism, a burst of energy. No wonder the ancient Eastern sages said - One moment of pleasure lengthens the life of a thousand years. Oil massage course includes conventional massage techniques , but all this is fun , and that's the point .

Efficiency Oil massage

• Passes insomnia and fatigue

• Harmonization of the body and emotions , quieting the mind

• Healing trauma

• Energy recovery after psycho-emotional overload and stress

• Treatment of blood vessels and nerve fibers

• Treatment of depression

• Expressed cosmetic rejuvenation effect

Anti-Cellulite massage - an effective way to get rid of cellulite varying degrees.Yourself to get rid of cellulite that appears virtually impossible. But when referring to the medical professionals who know all about cellulite and ways to combat it, from this disease can be cured completely, or at least stop its further development.

Anti- Cellulite massage , which is practiced by specialists of our center , solves several problems :

• reduces cellulite already occurred , and promotes prevention;

• helps to lose weight ;

• improves blood circulation in the compacted areas of subcutaneous fat

• normalizes metabolic processes in the body ;

• eliminates swelling ;

• aligns the contour of the skin and eliminates the " orange peel".